Mushrooms are used in the human diet for a long time and they are an integral part of many national cuisines. Thanks to their nutritive value and low caloric value, they can be eaten frequently. The diet used fresh or marinated mushrooms. Marinated are often used as a final seasoning and in salads.

From a multitude of recipes that exist for the mushrooms we have selected one that is fast, easy and very tasty.

Sauce from mushrooms

This sauce is ideal for dressing over various meat – steak, chicken etc…


1) Chop onion and fry it in a pan until becomes translucent.
2) Chop the mushrooms (and the cap and the tree) to finely and add to the pan; add salt, pepper ,chily (optional) as well as other spices at your will.
3) Stir on low heat. Mushrooms let their water so, if necessary, add a little water in the preparation. Cook until the mushrooms starts to soften.
4) Add the cream (50 ml) and one large spoon of flour.
5) Stir until it starts to thicken a few minutes.


2 onions
4 tablespoons of oil
Salt, pepper, cayenne pepper
250 g of fresh mushrooms
200 ml of water (or less, availability estimated)
1 tablespoon of flour
50 ml of cream