It’s not a big secret that  mushrooms  have been known to be very good for you. Reishi  mushrooms  are one of the top three medicinal  mushrooms that has been used for centuries in ancient Asian cultures. The great thing about the Reishi  mushroom  is the balance it gives to both your body and mind.

This ancient ingredient has been used to help treat many ailments such as liver disorders, bad circulation and for cardiovascular health. Though, the most common use for the Reishi  mushroom  is for people suffering from asthma or other respiratory problems. One study has shown that over two thousand people suffering from extreme bronchitis used these Reishi  mushrooms  in a cough syrup and almost all patients were feeling better within two weeks of this treatment.

This component has also shown that it can help improve hepatitis patients and reduce hypertension. One study testifies that nearly 92% of 355 study patients suffering from hepatitis showed improvement in their overall health. Though it helps treat many ailments, liver disease is the longest standing traditional utilization. Many chemotherapy patients have used Reishi  mushrooms  and noticed less intense side effects, such as fatigue, hair and appetite loss.

Studies today have found that the Reishi  mushroom  has anti-allergy, anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, anti-bacterial and antioxidant properties. There is a protein found in these  mushrooms  called Ling Zhi-8, meaning spirit plant, which is found to help reduce the risk of transplant rejections, and fight cancerous tumors.

The Reishi  mushroom  is not only known for helping to heal the body but is extremely beneficial for your mind and spirit as well. Users of this ingredient has experienced elevated moods, and have felt more spiritually balanced everyday that it’s used. Traditionally the  mushroom  is said to transform the individual into a more spiritual being. Peace of mind and balance is only one cup of coffee away.

Many people believe that if you habitually consume coffee, it ages you. Nobody wants to look into the mirror and see an older, coffee-drinking version of themselves. Reishi  mushrooms  have been shown to improve skin tone, reduce the amount of acne, fine lines and age spots! Picture you getting back that healthy glow just by drinking something you enjoy everyday.

No matter what you are going through these  mushrooms  can definitely make you feel more balanced and healthier everyday you are exposed to it. There are many ways to use these  mushrooms  including, syrups, soups, tablets and even injection. Now you don’t necessarily have to put a needle in your arm or eat  mushroom  soup just feel the good effects from these Reishi  mushrooms .

All you have to do is drink one cup of coffee everyday to feel these benefits. Yes, I really just said coffee, something that most of us drink every single day. It’s just as good as any gourmet coffee without the high-risk side effects, but instead with added healing properties. Our healthy coffee has been grown and processed organically with Reishi  mushrooms  without the dangerous pesticides used for most coffee beans.

Source by Keith Kearney