(1)  Mushrooms  have been used for about 3000 years by mankind to boost immunity, yes, they were used that far back in time, because it was known that they were a super food to boost your immune system and prevent illness and disease. They probably did not know about the immune system, but, they did know what was good for them.

(2) Science is continually researching  mushrooms  and they are checking the common  mushroom  for its ability to stop breast and prostate cancer, and how  mushrooms  can boost the immune system.

 Mushrooms  are a Superfood. From this research over the last 100 years it has been found that:

 Mushrooms  are one of the highest antioxidant foods in the world.

 Mushrooms  are a good source of the essential minerals, selenium and copper.

 Mushrooms  are an excellent source of fibre. They can help to prevent disease, are a natural source of Vitamin D and provide one of the most powerful supplies of antioxidants.  Mushrooms  also provide B group vitamins such as Riboflavin, Niacin and Biotin.  Mushrooms  are very low in salt, but they have many other minerals that are essential to humans, such as Selenium, Phosphorus and Potassium.

(3) One of the most important contributions to your health from  Mushrooms  is the help given to the body’s Immune System. They attack killer cells that often is the start of Cancer and tumors. It has also been reported the benefits obtained for Alzheimer’s. It is a terrific way to boost your immune system which in turn fights off diseases and viral infections.

(4) The common  mushroom  contains glutamate which is a known flavour enhancer, this of course makes it very tasty for eating. They also help to give your stomach the feeling of fullness, this helps you to control your appetite and therefore is an aid to weight reduction, for health improvement.

(5) The  mushroom  is a food that is neither a plant or an animal, it is a fungus, this may indicate why it is a Super Nutrition, it can be thought of as a vitamin supplement, each serving of  mushrooms  provides a very healthy amount of the essential B group, vitamins riboflavin (B2), niacin (B3), pantothenic acid and biotin.

(6) A serving of  mushrooms  will also give you about one third of your riboflavin and biotin, and a quarter of your niacin and pantothenic acid needs for a day. They also provide a small amount of folate, the vitamin known to reduce the risk of spinal problems in babies during pregnancy

(7) There are thousands of different edible types of  mushrooms , and even more that are poisonous, so unless you are an expert on  mushrooms  it is probably better to stick with the better known varieties, like the Common  Mushroom , Maitake  Mushroom  and Shiitake  Mushroom .

(8) Shiitake is one the most popular  mushrooms  in Japan and are also well known outside of Japan. They are available fresh or dried.

(9) Maitake  mushroom  is another very popular type of  mushroom  in Japan. They are also available outside Japan. They are sometimes referred to as the king of  mushrooms . These three types of  mushrooms  are very safe to eat and you can rest assured that they are very healthy and good for you, a natural super nutrition for your immune system.

Source by Alfred Jones