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Frozen champignons

Frozen champignons have become a real hit in the world and in Serbia is increasingly in demand. In addition to the fresh champignons and marinated champignons, in our offer we can also include the production of frozen champignons. Frozen champignons are produced under professional supervision, and continuous quality control. Fresh champignons are frozen at -18 degrees Celsius, taking into account the preservation of the quality and nutritional value of the food.

With modern technology and the use of modern solutions, in the process we don’t use any chemical products and other assets which may result in a reduction of quality of foods.

Frozen champignons have found wide application both in restaurants and in retail chains abroad. Frozen mushrooms are practical because they have a long life, unlike fresh mushrooms, can be ordered in large quantities and there is no risk of degradation of foods if within seven days all the mushrooms do not sell out.

Frozen mushrooms can be packaged in special packaging designed and dedicated on demand and desire of clients.

Frozen mushrooms are transfered to our customers in Serbia by vehicles with special temperature regime by which we can maintain a temperature of -18 degrees during whole road and deliver frozen mushrooms without losing the quality of ingredients and without the risk of rotting food.

For our customers abroad, in addition we offer a complete logistics and special vehicles that maintain a certain temperature during the whole trip, we offer full service export clearance of frozen mushrooms, collecting and keeping a complete customs documentation as well as assistance at any stage of the process.

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Frozen champignons