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Fresh champignons

Champignons (also known as button mushroom or white mushroom and also portobello) is one of the most wide spread and most popular mushrooms in human consumption. Fresh champignons can be prepared in any number of ways and are tasty and healthy meal.

Champignons have characteristic smell and taste and are widely recognized by its white hat. Those which are grown are white, while those in nature can be white-gray up to brown.

These mushrooms are easily digested and are also low on calories. Fresh champignons are rich with minerals and vitamins, especially B complex (B1, B2, B5 and B12), C vitamin and selenium. Due to their significant nutritive values champignons can easily substitute a number of vegetables.

Our products can be found in largest retail stores and many restaurants abroad.

Besides fresh champignons, we are also producing excellent marinated champignons as well as frozen champignons.

Marinated champignonsFrozen champignons