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Champignons transportation

In order to transport our mushrooms to foreign customers we have, at our disposal, complete logistics solution including specialized vehicles and provide full support for import/export procedure.

Our specialized vehicles have controlled temperature regime. Each truck can transport up to 20t of refrigerated goods. Also, thanks to the monitoring system in the trucks we ensure that our mushrooms are fresh and in excellent condition when delivered to the client.

We are transporting goods everywhere in Europe which means that our vehicle fleet fully complies with all required standards and permits.

Our professional and dedicated team is made of highly skilled personnel with years of experience in transportation. Our knowledge and experience allow us to increase the quality of the transport process and save time, resulting in the rationalization of expenses and more money for the client.

Beside GPS which is installed in all of our vehicles in order to monitor and track the transportation process, we offer additional insurance of the goods maximizing the security of the cargo.

We also offer full customs support which significantly simplifies exporting process.