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Champignons production

We are focused on the production and distribution of fresh champignons, marinated mushroom and frozen champignons in Serbia and abroad. Due to our constant improvements in technological processes, investments in the equipment and our professional approach, we have established successful and stabile cooperation with all major retail stores abroad as well as with numerous restaurants.

Our mushrooms are grown on the highest quality compost, packed in different containers and deliver specialized vehicles with thermal control to the client’s address. The current capacity of our factory is about 3000 tons per year and the plan is to continue to increase production.

We have specialized in production of three types of champignons:

Fresh champignonsMarinated champignonsFrozen champignons


We offer fresh champignons, marinated mushrooms (whole and cut) and frozen champignons (leafy, chopped and whole) which we distribute in following packages:

Marinated champignonsFresh champignonsFrozen champignons
Jar (whole champignons)720g (400g nett)Crate6kgBag1kg
Jar (cut champignons)720g (360g nett)Plate400gBag 2kg
Jar (whole champignons)360g (200g nett)Bag 5kg
Jar (cut champignons)360g (180g nett)Bag 10kg
Balloon5kg (3kg nett)
Barrel200kg (160kg nett)

At the request of clients, champignons can be packaged in a different way and make a specially designed package.